Xbox Series X Fridge gets a world premiere trailer so that you can ‘Xbox and Chill’

Microsoft is taking the “Xbox Series X looks like a Fridge” joke and running the full hundred yards with it. First they send it to Snoop Dogg and iJustine, those lucky lucky people, and now they’ve put out an OFFICIAL 4K world premiere trailer. I mean, hey, if you’re doing something, might as well go all the way!

They’ve got some pretty interesting treats inside too, with some Gears of War Tomatoes, Forza Donuts, and some Halo Monster Energy Drinks. Check it out below!

Xbox Marketing guy Aaron Greenberg has been pleased with the reception of the general public to the ongoing joke and, as a marketing guy would do, has asked to gauge interest on a retail version of an Xbox Series X themed mini fridge. As you can expect, the result has been very positive, hey we’d even buy one!

While it may all be a marketing stunt, you can’t fault Microsoft for this and it has actually been received pretty well by just about everyone. It’s great for the brand and only reinforces their fantastic standing coming into the next-generation. We do hope they take the impromptu survey seriously though, as we would indeed love an Xbox Series X mini fridge!

If you’re feeling lucky though, why not try to win one in their giveaway?

Now you can actually say “Xbox and Chill”.

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