New Deathloop trailer explains an accessible shooter with a lot of style

Following up from the super stylish trailer from Playstation State of Play that gives vibes of 007 and Snake Eater, Deathloop comes with another trailer featuring game director Dingka Bakaba explaining the game world and mechanics in the same style as the game. If you haven’t heard by now, Deathloop is a shooter from Arkane Studios that is aptly described as Groundhog Day but with more murder.

Arkane developed the critically acclaimed Dishonored series and while it’s an fully fleshed out world with some interesting game mechanics, it may not be for everyone as it has some designs that might be too hampering for completionists and those wanting to play as they’d like. After watching Deathloop Explained, it feels that this game, while functioning like a rogue-like, feels a lot more accessible.

The premise if you haven’t checked out the last three Deathloop trailers, is that you are Colt, an assassin stuck in a time loop on a deserted island. In order to break the time loop, you have to take out eight targets–Visionaries. These are individuals with unique supernatural powers that keep the island and its inhabitants in this never-ending party.

Seeking to break from the curse, much of the inhabitants aren’t cool with this plan and the leaders sent every denizen to kill Colt on sight. Furthermore, the strongest Visionary–Juliana is also on the same mission, but her only target is you.

As explained by Bakaba in this stylish trailer, you have to dispatch all eight Visionaries (including Juliana) in one day. Each day is divided into four quadrants: morning, afternoon, dusk, and late night. Your job is to find out how to align every target and figure out the perfect loop in order to get through all eight targets at once. Think Hitman meets any Suda51 (No More Heroes, Killer 7) game.

Once the day resets or if you’re murdered by Juliana, you get to keep your arsenal and you also will learn how to utilize your Visionary powers to the fullest extent. The more you learn about your targets, the easier it will be to line them up and take them out in succession. Sounds fun? At the very least, it’s tres interessant as the French would say.

Deathloop will be out on PS5 and PC on May 21.

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