Resident Evil 3 Cloud version for the Switch might be coming

During a surprise Nintendo direct mini, it was revealed that 2 games were coming to the Switch via cloud streaming – Control Ultimate Edition and Hitman III. Of course, dataminers did their thing and it seems that another game may be lined up to hit the service soon, and it is none other than Resident Evil 3.

On a Resetera thread, a now deleted image (which was saved via archive) shows the cloud version of RE3 seemingly validating the existence of the title. Kotaku have also confirmed that the “image below exists on the website used by Nintendo partner Ubitus GameCloud to facilitate cloud-based gaming on Switch”

Back in March, it was reported that there were leftover files on the Resident Evil 3 demo that suggests a Switch version, which Daniel Ahmad confirms that a non-native version is indeed being explored.

Depending on how Control and Hitman turn out, Nintendo may have a great thing going with the cloud streaming service, provided they have enough infrastructure to support it. This really makes the Switch the ultimate on the go machine, now all we need is better internet speeds.

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