Expandable storage for the Xbox Series X will cost over $200

So you’ve just secured yourself a pre-order of the most powerful next-gen console. You’ve got your Game Pass subscription on standby, ready to play all those games in crisp 4K 60fps, enough to fill up your stock 1TB SSD. Need extra space? Sure, expandable storage for the Xbox Series X will cost over $200.

$219.99 to be exact, or around PHP11,000. That’s $80 shy of a Series S.

Best Buy have already placed pre-orders and to be fair, similar add-ons would cost about the same price, so the $200 price tag is justified to a certain extent. Considering that this is a proprietary drive, you’ve got no other options except Seagate for this one, at least for now.

xbox series x expandable storage

1TB of storage should be more than enough for a lot of people. Unless you’re the type to keep everything on stored on multiple storage devices, 1TB should give you anywhere from 10-20 games, maybe more, depending on the titles. Or about 5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfares.

You can still use your regular USB drives as storage, but Xbox Series X enhanced games will need to be run from the brand new SSD.

Sony, on the other hand, has opened up their storage options to third party suppliers, but will still have to be “certified” by Sony to ensure that it meets the specs and speed of their custom internal SSD. It’ll probably cost around $200 too, more or less.

Either way, the next-generation of consoles will certainly bring some next-generation prices with it, from accessories to even some of the games.

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