Xbox Game Pass subscribers grow to over 15 million

That's a lot of happy gamers!
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Touted as the best deal in gaming at the moment, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have now breached the 15 million mark.

Overshadowed by the recent megaton announcement that was the acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft also announced that Game Pass has now over 15 million subscribers, a 50% increase from their 10 million since April earlier this year.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s game subscription service, allowing gamers to access a whole catalog of games for only $10 a month (around PHP500). A higher tier, called Game Pass Ultimate, retails for $15 a month (around PHP750) and includes Xbox Live Gold as well as Project xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud-based game streaming service.

Recently, EA’s catalog of games under EA Play has been added into game pass, and with Bethesda now joining the fold, expect all Bethesda games like Doom, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, and much more to be free on the service as well. That’s insane value for 10$ a month!

More than a Series S or Series X in every household, Microsoft is definitely pushing the ecosystem more than console sales and it isn’t really hard to see why anyone would say no to Game Pass. Can you imagine all of the Xbox first party games free on day one for Game Pass Subscribers? It’s not hard to see another jump in subscribers once the next-gen consoles finally come into play.


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