Star Wars: Squadrons will host a ton of customization options for both Ship and Pilot

Its been a long time coming but we’re finally getting a new Star Wars game that will focus on intense aerial dogfighting that the series has partly been known for. Entitled Star Wars: Squadrons, the game will allow players to live out their fantasies of taking to the skies in their favorite Star Wars ships.

In a recent “Pilot Briefing” update coming from the official website, EA has detailed out the many ways you can customize your Ship and pilot in the upcoming Squadrons game and what is more impressive is the fact that they did promise no microtransactions, since it is EA.

Ships will have multiple components slots that can be divided into passive and active components, as broken down below:

  • Primary weapons (Active) – These are your cannons and some components may provide higher rate of fire but lower damage, or long range fire in the form of burst shots. Some even concentrate on removing enemy shields but will do minimal hull damage.
  • 2X Auxiliary (Active) – These are your secondary abilities and may consist of a repair mech, bombs, torpedoes, and mines among others. You have 2 slots, but you cannot repeat a component on both slots.
  • Countermeasures (Active) – These are disengage methods like seeker warheads or sensor jammers ensuring you stay in the fight a bit longer.
  • Hull (Passive) – These are basically stat increases or decreases depending on your style preference, like a heavier hull but sacrificing maneuverability.
  • Shields (Passive) – Some shields will allow for a longer lock on time while your shields are full but will delay shield regeneration when you are hit and some are more resistant to blaster fire but more vulnerable to missiles.
  • Engines (Passive) – These could have additional effects, like your engine exploding upon your starfighters destruction.

There is also a wealth of customization options which you can unlock by using up Glory points, a currency you can earn while playing the game. Your pilot can be customized with multiple options such as heads, full-body flight suits, torso apparel, legwear, helmets, and gloves. Apart from that, you can also customize your starfighter too! There are hull/paint job, decals (including familiar insignias like the Phoenix Squadron’s starbird), cockpit holograms, dashboard miniatures, and hanging flair.

Star Wars: Squadrons is looking to be every bit as exciting as a Star Wars game should be. With the inclusion of a single player campaign and cross-play, fans should get hyped as the game is scheduled to release on October 2 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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