Hearthstone Mercenaries is now live

Hearthstone Mercenaries, the all-new free-to-play game mode that focuses on providing players with an RPG-style adventure, is now live and available to play for all.

This new mode will have players assemble Parties of six heroes from among their roster and set out to complete single-player Bounties that will provide experience points and rewards that will give your heroes new abilities and increase in power.

Players can also earn a cache of treasure that includes Mercenary Coins, which they can use to craft additional heroes or upgrade ones they already own.

The roster of Mercenary heroes, which includes over 50 at launch, was designed to encourage players to get creative when building teams, with countless powerful synergies for players to discover.

Co-leader of Blizzard Enterteinment Mike Ybarra shares that “Mercenaries provides an experience that feels completely new, but embodies the fundamental spirit of Hearthstone. The team has opened up a whole new chapter for Hearthstone that captures its unique spirit, with a fresh mode full of strategic depth. I can’t wait to see the strategies our players will unleash on the world.”

We got to play the mode ahead of launch and for players who are not competitive and want to focus mostly on PVE content, Mercenaries is something you can definitely try out.

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