Let’s unbox the Tamashii Nations S.H. MonsterArts Zinogre

Monster Hunter is home to some impressively designed monsters that have given players memorable experiences (and nightmares) over the years. One such monster is Zinogre, and the mere mention of the name can bring chills to hunters that are unprepared in dealing with its dangerous supercharged attacks.

It is fitting that an iconic monster receive a figure that’s worthy of its reputation, as Tamashii Nations has added the mighty thunder doggo to its S.H. MonsterArts lineup, featuring insane detail that will surely entice hunters to add this one to their collection.

Being big Monster Hunter fans, GreatToysOnline was generous enough to let us take a peek at the figure and we can’t help but be impressed with its build quality and level of detail. The package comes with 2 pairs of optional talons for both the front and rear legs, along with a base that acts as a stand.

The figure is made of PVC and ABS and is poseable to a certain extent, with some parts like its neck and tail spikes featuring multiple parts for extra articulation. The spikes are, well, spiky, so you would do well to handle it with care.

Without further ado, let’s unbox the Tamashii Nations S.H. MonsterArts Zinogre!

Tamashii Nations S.H. MonsterArts Zinogre

tamashii nations s.h. monsterarts zinogre 18
Thunder Doggo!

Overall, the Tamashii Nations S.H. MonsterArts Zinogre build quality is absolutely excellent for its price. You get a stunningly detailed figure that is painted to perfection that toy photographers will appreciate.

The level of articulation is average, and while there are multiple joints that you can move around, its general shape will not greatly deviate from its pose. In fact, I tried replicating the howling pose that was advertised on the box but couldn’t actually do it.

The Tamashii Nations S.H. MonsterArts Zinogre is now from local retailers like GreatToys for PHP6,000.

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