Nintendo Switch OLED Model reportedly releasing on October 8 in the Philippines

Despite not being a complete, full-sized upgrade, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is still very much highly anticipated, especially here in the Philippines. A lot of gamers have been inquiring as to when the release will happen and how much it will cost, especially since local retailers have not put out any announcement yet. There’s a bit of good news on that front if you’re looking forward to getting one on release day.

According to trusted Malaysian site Gamerbraves, they seem to have confirmed both the official release date and price of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model from Maxsoft, saying that Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines will be getting their stocks on October 8 alongside the worldwide release.

They continue to say that “We have official confirmation that the console will be available at RRP RM 1,699 / SGD 549 / PHP 19,999. Details regarding retailers and pricing in other countries in the SEA region should be updated in due course.”

The price seems par for the course and would be a sigh of relief for some who may have been expecting it to go upwards of PHP20,000, and also good news that we are getting stocks on the release day itself. Now whether there’s enough for everyone is certainly a different topic altogether.

Here’s hoping that the date and price details are indeed made official by local retailers!

Are you looking to upgrade to the Nintendo Switch OLED Model? Let us know!

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