Rumored Chrono Cross Remaster To Possibly Be Revealed In December

Remember that rumor about a ‘big’ PlayStation remake from last month that was seemingly leaked by an Irish singer-songwriter? The rumor talked about a remake that required an Irish language piece to be recorded, and the connections to the possibility of a Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross-related title soon popped up. Metal Gear was also brought up as a possibility.

Well, in a recent XboxEra Podcast, Nick Baker (aka Shpeshal_Nick) may have spilled the beans on what the title is, and Squaresoft fans would certainly be in a frenzy if the rumors hold true.

At around the 1:38:20 mark of the podcast (which you can listen to below), Baker began to talk about the supposed rumor revealing that the title being referenced is indeed the Chrono Cross remaster, which shouldn’t be surprising since it was already leaked during that big Nvidia mishap from September.

When will the rumored Chrono Cross Remaster be revealed? Will it be a PlayStation exclusive?

Baker goes on to say that despite it being possibly revealed by PlayStation in December, maybe during The Game Awards, the upcoming Chrono Cross remaster is a multiplatform release, or so he’s told.

“Now, when I hear JRPG and multiplat, I automatically assume PC, PlayStation, Switch, that’s my assumption. That’s not what I was told, that’s just my assumption. All my source said to me was ‘multiplat’. That’s what they said, they told me it wasn’t PlayStation exclusive.” Baker says.

Baker did not rule out the possibility of it appearing on Xbox, but just says that he doesn’t normally assume it would be there because it’s a JRPG.

If indeed it was to be shown at The Game Awards, then we don’t have to wait much longer, so strap yourself in for an exciting event full of surprises and reveals!

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