Nintendo SEA Facebook Page Now Online

Following the release of the official Nintendo Singapore website and Youtube channel just last month, the official Nintendo SEA (Southeast Asia) Facebook Page is now operational as well.

The Nintendo SEA Facebook page will be another channel for players in the region to find out news about Nintendo’s latest offerings, and as of their first post a couple of days ago, the page is described as – “Here you’ll find the latest information from the official Nintendo website, notices from Nintendo and information on the latest games.”

Based on the recent developments, Nintendo seems to be ramping up its Southeast Asian presence and while we don’t know officially yet if there will be an option to start creating an eShop account for Singapore, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement the Nintendo themselves.

Current options for players in the Philippines are to create a US account or an account from other countries to get their eShop fix, so a Singapore account may be the closest thing to an official account similar to PlayStation Asia and their Southeast Asian account regions. We’re hoping that these Nintendo SEA developments have more in store for players in the region.

Just recently, the Nintendo Switch OLED model was released to fans who have been waiting patiently to give their old consoles a much-needed upgrade.

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