PlayStation 5 Jailbreaking Efforts One Step Closer To Completion According To Recent Hack

If there’s a will, there’s a way. The classic saying always rings true, especially for hacking groups attempting to work miracles in jailbreaking the latest pieces of consumer electronics out there, including game consoles such as the PlayStation 5. One group has claimed that they are one step closer to actually pulling it off, hitting an all-important milestone in their efforts.

The hacking group fail0verflow, infamous for bypassing the PS3’s security back in 2010, is en route to replicate its results for the PlayStation 5 by discovering all of the symmetric PS5 root keys. According to a report by VGC, “Finding the root keys can be one of the first steps in ‘jailbreaking’ a console” and “Symmetric root keys enable hackers to decrypt files, including firmware, meaning hackers can try to reverse-engineer it and look for exploits which can be used to run unsigned code on the console.”

While the group is still a long way from producing an actual working jailbreak prototype, it will be curious to see if this development actually leads to it, since the group does mention that Sony can reverse this via a system update for the PlayStation 5, although it wouldn’t be easy.

Jailbreaking is certainly frowned upon as it hurts all the parties involved, including the developers who have been working hard on the games being released. It will certainly be interesting to see how Sony responds to this.

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