Chrono Cross Is Back But Only As A Collaboration Event

Fans of Chrono Cross can look forward to the game making a comeback, but only as a collaboration with Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, a single-player RPG that is available for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PC via Steam.

Another Eden x Chrono Cross: Complex Dream

Entitled “Complex Dream”, the event will begin on December 9 and will see the return of classic characters such as Serge and Kid, complete with both English and Japanese voiceovers.

The event will reunite Chrono Cross with Masato Kato, the original writer for the game and now scenario director for Another Eden. Also part of this collaboration are composer Yasunori Mitsuda and character designer Nobuteru Yuuki, once integral pieces to Chrono Cross.

Masato Kato shares that “I never imagined that the day would come, after more than 20 years, when we could have a new adventure with the same Kid and her friends. I hope that people who have played the Chrono series so far will enjoy it, and that the players of Another Eden who haven’t played any of the previous series will be able to get a taste of the series. I believe that Kid and her friends will live forever in everyone’s hearts.”

The timing of this event is particularly intriguing, especially given that rumblings of a Chrono Cross Remaster have intensified over the past month, even said to be revealed this month. While nothing has been confirmed nor announced, it is quite possible that the reveal could come during The Game Awards 2021.

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