New Final Fantasy UT Collection From Uniqlo Features Pixel Remaster, XIV, and XVI

Uniqlo Japan has announced a new Final Fantasy UT Collection is launching in late June, according to the Uniqlo Japan website.

Check out the details and everything you need to know about the upcoming collection!

How many designs, when is it coming out, and how much will it be?

The new Final Fantasy UT Collection is based on the iconic franchise and will focus on Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, Final Fantasy XIV, and Final Fantasy XVI. The collection will consist of seven (7) shirt designs that feature the three entries and their characters and will retail for 1,500 Yen.

The collection will go on sale starting in late June in Japan. No Western or Asian release date has been announced as of this writing.

What are the shirt designs?

Check out all of the designs in the new collection:

Will it be released in the West and Asia, especially in the Philippines?

Release windows for other territories and countries, like the Philippines, have not been specified, so we’ll have to wait for Uniqlo Philippines and other official channels to make an announcement, just like they did recently for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom UT Collection.

In the past, UT collections such as CapcomMetal Gear, and PlayStation were released in the Philippines, with each shirt retailing for PHP 790. It would be safe to assume that the new Final Fantasy UT Collection will also come to the Philippines for PHP 790 per shirt.

What designs are you looking forward to in the new collection?

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