Forza Horizon 5 Player Gets Slapped With An 8000-Year Ban

Forza Horizon 5 has seen unprecedented success for the series, racing off to record numbers and garnering over 10 million players in its first week, the biggest ever for Xbox and Game Pass ever. It features extreme customizability that players will certainly enjoy, and some players have been enjoying it too much, resulting in an 8000-year ban for a car design.

Yes, 8000 years!

A post on the Forza Subreddit by u/AllThingsRacing claims that a friend of his has been slapped with an 8000-year ban because of a cheeky design that incorporates elements from fast-food chain KFC and Kim Jong-un along with some parody brands like Nuke Balance (New Balance), Nuke (Nike), Pyongyang (Pirelli), and more.

Because of this, it seems that a lengthy ban was slapped on the account, which the poster claims is his first-ever ban and has never received a warning prior to the ban. The post also claims that developers Playground Games are not responsible for the ban and it is the enforcement team at Turn 10 Studios who have issued the sanction.

forza horizon 5 8000 year ban 3

A ban until 9999 is certainly a heavy punishment, especially for the first offense in Forza Horizon 5, but it may be quite understandable seeing that the design was a very controversial one that may spark a lot of conversations around it, which the team at Turn 10 may want to stay away from.

Next time, just stick with the racing stripes and numbers, ya dig? It’s never a good idea to ask someone to #SendNukes, even in Forza Horizon 5.

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