God Of War And Monster Hunter Rise Sees Renewed Life Following Their PC Release

It’s quite interesting to see that we’re in a time where you can be playing God of War, even Monster Hunter for that matter, on a PC. Some bad boys out there are even using an Xbox controller while playing. The latest games from the each of these respective franchises have had fantastic PC ports released just this month and based on the numbers, they’ve encountered renewed life in terms of players enjoying the game.

God Of War Peak Concurrent Players

According to SteamDB, both God of War and Monster Hunter Rise ended last week as the top 2 sellers on Steam, indicating massive interest in both titles. God of War, in particular, saw its peak concurrent players at around 73,529, making it the highest number across any of Sony’s PC releases, including both Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

In fact, God of War is sitting at 14,151 positive reviews, translating to a 97% positive review rating, thanks in large part to the fantastic port that takes advantage of the hardware. Not bad for a nearly 4 year old game, which plays and looks pretty good even on the Recommended requirements.

Monster Hunter Rise Sales Milestone

Monster Hunter Rise, on the other hand, is also seeing massive success on the platform, peaking at 134,262 players with 84% positive reviews. Because of this, Capcom has announced that both the Switch and PC versions of Monster Hunter Rise have breached a combined 8 million units sold.

With the release of the new DLC expansion “Sunbreak” later this year, we can expect that number to climb up some more.

Have you tried out God of War and Monster Hunter Rise on the PC yet?

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