Konami’s Castlevania Memorial NFT Collection Sells For A Whopping $160K

Just a little over a week ago, Konami announced that it will be selling a Castlevania Memorial NFT Collection to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the franchise. A total of 14 NFT’s were put on sale on OpenSea over the weekend and to maybe everyone’s surprise, has garnered a total of over $160,000 in sales.

One item in particular, which is the pixel art digital map of Dracula’s Castle, fetched for over $26,500, making it the highest valued item among the bunch. It’s quite an absurd idea to pay an amount of money that could have been used for maybe a secondhand vehicle, but instead, use it on something that you can literally download off the internet for free.

What a concept, I know.

konami memorial nft castlevania 3
We’re not saying you can download this, but you can totally just download it…

The other items in the collection didn’t go for as much, but still went to sell for obscene amounts of money (in the tens and thousands of Dollars), all for digital video clips and montages that you can, well, download too.

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As with digital goods, it is quite possible that the NFT’s purchased just suddenly disappear due to technical problems, and Konami has thus published certain terms and conditions, even saying that they do not guarantee that the value will increase after the purchase.

I’m guessing Konami is pretty happy with this outcome, despite not selling for more. In fact, the effort and resources needed to come up with these digital artworks is substantially less than, say, creating a game that may or may not be received well by the general public. Konami did say that they will be coming up with more collections, so we’re quite interested to see how that pans out.

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