Stalker 2: Heart Of Chernobyl Gets A Massive Delay

GSC Game World has announced that they are delaying Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl by a little over 7 months to a new release date of December 8, 2022.

Initially scheduled for an April 28 launch, the team published a statement saying that “These additional seven months of development are needed to fulfill our vision and achieve the desired state of the game. STALKER 2 is the biggest project in the history of GSC, and it requires thorough testing and polishing. We are convinced that development should take as long as necessary, especially in the case of such a project.”

Announcing a delay like this is never easy, but the developers have promised to deliver an experience that can live up to expectations.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl is high on our list of most anticipated games of 2022 so this is definitely sad news for those looking forward to this Xbox console exclusive.

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