New Call Of Duty Coming In 2022 From Infinity Ward

Activision has announced that a new entry in the long-running Call Of Duty franchise will be happening in 2022 and will be handled by Infinity Ward, known for their success on the Modern Warfare side of things.

While the “announcement”, if you could even call it that, is simply a short message that tells us to expect a “new generation of Call of Duty”, it would be safe to assume that the next entry will be the follow-up to 2019’s release, which was already speculated sometime late last year.

Apart from this, there’s very little to go about from the announcement, so we’ll have to wait for the official word, but it is quite surprising to see it as early as February.

Microsoft has since acquired Activision Blizzard, and while we know that existing agreements will still be honored which means more Call of Duty in the next couple of years or so, what happens after is all up in the air.

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