Persona 5 Tactica Collaboration Cafe in the Philippines is Now Open to the Public

SEGA has announced that the Persona 5 Tactica Collaboration Cafe in the Philippines is now underway until December 16.

Located at Moon Rabbit Café & Restaurant, the event will offer Persona 5 Tactica-themed food and drinks, among other activities that attendees can enjoy.

Check out the menu below:

Persona 5 Tactica menu drinks
Persona 5 Tactica menu food

In addition to the character-inspired drinks, visitors who buy drinks will receive limited character coasters. Each drink also comes with a cup holder and straw topper.

  • Joker – Strawberry Tonic: Strawberry Syrup and Tonic Water
  • Erina – Taro Milk: Taro Powder + Milk
  • Morgana – Café Mocha: Espresso + Milk + Chocolate Syrup
  • Ryuji – Pineapple Orange Juice: Orange Juice + Pineapple Syrup
  • Ann – Red Velvet Café Latte: Espresso + Milk + Red Velvet Powder
  • Yusuke – Blue Citrus Soda: Curacao Syrup + Lemon Juice + Soda Water
  • Makoto – Blue Lemonade: Blue Curacao Syrup + Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Futaba – Green Apple Soda: Soda Water + Green Apple Syrup
  • Haru – Strawberry Milk: Strawberry Syrup + Milk
  • Toshiro – Vanilla Café Latte: Espresso + Milk + Vanilla Syrup

Attendees can also get an exclusive themed Rally Towel (see design below) when they purchase the Deluxe Meal set, which includes one main dish, one side dish, and a drink of choice!

Persona 5 Tactica rally towel

Here are the activities that attendees can participate in at the Persona 5 Tactica Collaboration Cafe:

  • Keychain-making: Create your P5T party of 3 with linked keychains
  • Trivia quiz: Show off your P5T knowledge
  • Dear Phantom Thieves: Stick your personalized message to the Phantom Thieves on the cafe chalkboard
  • Stamp rally: Join our stamp rally to receive an exclusive P5T Cafe sticker!
persona 5 tactica akechi

Will you be going to the Persona 5 Tactica Collaboration Cafe?

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