POP UP PARADE Mega Unboxing – Makoto Shishio, Lucy Heartfilia, And Eren Yeager Attack Titan

Toy and figure brands are about a dime a dozen these days, and Good Smile is just one of the many that are beloved by fans and collectors due to their wide range of offerings. From Nendoroids to Figmas, Good Smile caters to a wide fanbase thanks to its quality figures.

Wanting to reach out to budget-conscious collectors, Good Smile introduced the POP UP PARADE line back in 2019 which features a very affordable price point and a quick release schedule that makes collecting them a fun experience.

Our good friends over at Great Toys Online treated us to take a look at some fantastic POP UP PARADE figures that will surely blow a hole in our pockets. These are good quality figures for the price and size, and with a whole range to choose from, purchasing them is no longer a question.

Let’s do a POP UP PARADE mega unboxing for Makoto Shishio, Lucy Heartfilia, and Eren Yeager Attack Titan!

POP UP PARADE Mega Unboxing

Makoto Shishio

The main antagonist of the Kyoto Arc of the legendary Ruroni Kenshin anime, Shishio is a villain that needs no futher introduction.

His POP UP PARADE figure is pretty straightforward with no extra parts or attachments, and at this price point, it is painted well and has some good detail. Without packaging, the figure alone stands slightly taller than a Funko Pop box and includes a sturdy base to ensure that it doesn’t fall down when on display.

As mentioned earlier, the figure holds quite a good amount of detail for its price, and you can see that it is sculpted and painted well to display anime-accurate details, even up to the engravings on the hilt of his sword and the folds of his robe.

Shishio’s bandages are nicely modeled here, especially the strands that wrap around the upper portion of his body. There’s discoloration in some places to reflect the dirt and stains from the anime, and if you look closely, you can even notice the lines that wrap around his body.

If you’re worried that it might snap off, don’t! They aren’t stiff, or at least not enough that it will snap with a bit of force. The bandages are only slightly flexible and are not meant to be arranged differently.

Shop for POP UP PARADE Makoto Shishio over at Great Toys Online for PHP1,730

Lucy Heartfilia Aquarius Form

Another character that needs no introduction, Lucy Heartfilia is the protagonist of the extremely popular Fairy Tail series and her POP UP PARADE figure features her Aquarius Form.

Similar to Shishio, her figure is pretty straightforward and includes a base as well, but has more plastic wrappings (which we’ll get to later). One thing different though is that she is slightly smaller in stature compared to Shishio, and Lucy stands as tall as a Funko Pop box.

Again, we go back to price point, and the figure is very well sculpted and colored. There’s a good amount of detail in the folds of her skirt and sleeves, and the lime green base fits the contrast of her suit very well.

Lucy’s figure is pretty no-frills, and doesn’t contain too much design elements like Shishio’s bandages. She sports a very skimpy bikini and a ruffled skirt that showcases her perfect figure, all topped of by a cute pose that will certainly make your heart flutter.

Oh, and remember I mentioned earlier that she had a bit more plastic wrapping compared to the others? That’s because her skirt can be slightly adjusted for your… uh, cultural benefit. The plastic wrap, I assume, prevented it from moving around to avoid unwanted scrapes and scratches.

Shop for POP UP PARADE Lucy Heartfilia Aquarius Form at Great Toys Online for PHP1,730

Eren Yeager Attack Titan

Last but not the least, we get a look at arguably one of the more famous characters based on recent anime viewings. Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan is on full display here, but we’re featuring his Attack Titan version and not his human form.

While the figure seems bigger compared to the others, his pose makes his overall height just as tall as a Funko Pop box. Eren comes with a base, but unlike the others, his foot does not come with pegs to stick into the base, meaning that you’re free to pose him as you wish, but be careful that he doesn’t fall off balance.

Despite the lack of clothing, Eren makes up for it with insane muscular detail, very similar to the anime. Looking closer, you’ll see some discoloration in some of his ligaments, and you’ll even see his nails and teeth properly colored. His sculpt looks very good, and you can even see facial details represented well in the figure.

With or without the base, Eren can be posed on his own unlike Shishio and Lucy, who have footpegs to stick into the base. He occupies a slightly wider footprint, so make sure you have extra space when you consider this figure.

Oh, and we just had to bring him head to head with Thunder Doggo Zinogre, just for kicks. (Spoiler alert, Eren won.)

Shop for POP UP PARADE Eren Yeager Attack Titan at Great Toys Online for PHP1,730

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