Reddit user honors his father who passed away due to COVID-19 by making a memorial in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing has been a wonderful game for everybody, being a source of sunshine and happiness amidst the growing concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak. Players are using the platform to get away from it all, while some players use it to honor their own when the world won’t allow it at the moment.

A Reddit user by the name of u/porn0dog has created a memorial for his late father, one of the heroes of the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, who he lost recently. He posted this image on the Animal Crossing subreddit, honoring his father because they have no choice but to cremate the body immediately.

Since the Philippines is in lockdown at the moment, a lot of the citizens are staying home due to health concerns and this has created such a strain across all aspects of life. Frontliners such as the doctors and nurses are exposed to threats everyday and with the suspension of public transport, it creates an additional challenge for everyone out in the field without access to private vehicles, so to speak.

Things like this remind us everyday that Gaming is not just entertainment but it also serves as a reality to some, especially in these trying times. Our condolences go out to them and we salute the frontliners who are risking it all everyday to make the world better again.

Press F to pay respects.

*While it is completely possible that it is a Karma farming post, we believe that in good faith, no one will make such a tasteless joke during this time.

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