5 Reasons Why You Should Try Out Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is out now for both Android and iOS devices in the Philippines and in some select countries in Southeast Asia and around the world. The game is fast and the action faster, thanks to a formula that has been refined by Respawn Entertainment over the years, giving a fresh take on the genre.

Many will be wondering why you should even play it on your mobile devices when you can easily play it on other platforms such as the PlayStation or on PC. The obvious benefits would be better graphics and a control scheme suited for these types of games, but it doesn’t mean that the mobile version is inferior.

In fact, Apex Legends Mobile is anything but, and here are 5 reasons why you should give it a try!

5 Reasons To Try Apex Legends Mobile

The same award-winning game but on-the-go

Matches in Apex Legends can go on for quite a while depending on how well you play, so having to leave at an unfortunate time because of other appointments and plans may cost you your next hard-earned win.

That’s no problem for Apex Legends Mobile because you can play it anytime anywhere on your mobile devices, ensuring that you can always conquer World’s Edge wherever you are! It is a very well-built mobile port that performs well depending on the device you are using and while it is not a 1:1 copy yet of its PC and console counterpart in terms of features, everything you need to enjoy a match is available right at your fingertips.

apex legends mobile champion

Best of all, like its big brother, Apex Legends Mobile is also free-to-play!

Level playing field

In case you’re worried about losing games regularly because of more highly-skilled players that are using a competitive mouse and keyboard setup, then you’ll be glad to know that Apex Legends Mobile is leveling the playing field because everyone playing will be using the same touch controls built specifically for the game.

One good thing about this is that any player can customize their control scheme to a great degree. Almost every control option can be tweaked and by moving certain HUD elements around, you’re always assured of playing with your most preferred setup.

apex legends mobile control customization

Taking things further, Apex Legends Mobile will not have cross-play capabilities, meaning you won’t get to play with others using a PlayStation or PC. This means that the playing field will be fair to everyone, so you’ve only got your skill to blame if you lose a match.

New players won’t feel left out

If playing a battle royale game on your mobile device sounds intimidating, Apex Legends Mobile has a fantastic tutorial mode that will teach you the ins and outs of the game in a very simple-to-understand format.

The objectives and controls are well-explained and the tutorial session culminates in a quick skirmish, showing players all the information they need to survive during battle.

apex legends mobile tutorial

In case you want to practice your shooting skills, the Firing Range also makes an appearance here, giving players a venue to test out all weapons and tools for that extra push to become a champion.

And, since it just launched, many players are still feeling their way around the game, giving everyone a fighting chance to rack up some wins.

Generous rewards

Getting in on the action early can reap great rewards for players because from March 9 until March 23, there is a Rookie Login promotion ongoing that will give players XP, premier tokens, and even Mirage for free just by logging in!

apex legends mobile rookie login

During the same dates, a Rookie Mission challenge is also happening that will shower players with various rewards like a “Death Totem” Eva-8 Auto weapon skin just by completing certain objectives during a match.

Combine these with the various challenges, events, and even the ongoing battle pass and you’ve got yourself an almost endless supply of rewards for the game just by playing.

It has a third-person mode

Admit it, you’ve died more times than you can count because you suddenly got clapped by someone outside of your field of view. With a smaller screen compared to playing on PC or consoles, using the third-person mode in Apex Legends Mobile might prove to be an advantage for some players who are not used to the first-person point of view.

Playing using the default first-person view will require players to look around often to see their surroundings but using the third-person mode makes it a bit easier to see things directly beside you, which is useful for those tense moments when an opponent gets too close for comfort.

apex legends mobile tpp

If your accuracy is taking a dip, you can still aim down your sights to fire more accurate shots even in third-person view!

Apex Legends Mobile is now on its limited launch, now available in the Philippines for Android and iOS devices. You can also join the discussion over at the Apex Legends Mobile Discord Server to team up and be the next champions.

Download Apex Legends Mobile now!

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