Nintendo Switch Firmware Update Finally Brings Folders

A new Nintendo Switch firmware update (14.0.0) has been released by Nintendo and it will finally give players a long-requested feature – the ability to create folders for your software and games, allowing for easy organization.

The announcement says that the folders feature will only be applicable in the “All Software” menu and that the function is only available when players have more than 12 software tiles on the system. The new feature also allows for up to 100 groups, with each group containing a maximum of 200 titles per group. Furthermore, software titles can be added to multiple groups, so if you’ll need to add a certain game across different folders, that should be perfectly fine.

How to create folders on your Nintendo Switch:

The process is pretty simple, and Nintendo themselves explain it in an easy to understand list:

  • Make sure your Nintendo Switch system has been updated to version 14.0.0 or later.
  • From the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu, scroll all the way to the right and select All Software.
  • Press the L Button to view your software by groups.
  • The first time you create a group, you’ll get a popup where you can select Create New Group.
    • After the first group has been created, click the + Button to create a new group.
  • Check all software titles that you want to add to the new group, then press Next.
  • Re-arrange the software titles as desired, then press Next.
  • Re-arrange the software titles as desired, then press Next.
  • Enter a name for the group, then press OK.
  • The new group will be added to the list of Groups.

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Update 14.0.0 is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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