Black Desert Mobile Adds new ‘Yacha’ Class

Pearl Abyss has announced that Black Desert Mobile has added the new Yacha class to the game and to celebrate, bonus rewards shall be given to players who can complete various daily missions.

Yacha, the Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield, is available as an Awakened class. Having gained control of Echo Spirit, his other spiritual half, in a fierce battle, Yacha can now physically manifest his energy to shake up the battlefield with an array of hefty melee combo attacks.

Using his melee combat style alongside “Echo Spirit,” Yacha attacks opponents with focused bursts like an uncontrollable beast. Armed with the Gardbrace as his main weapon and the Fulu Ward as sub-weapon, he engages in battle with destructive skills such as “Hell Smash,” which embroils enemies in an onslaught of grabs, strikes, and pain, and “Rock Splitter,” in which he strikes down the enemy with the Spirit then follows with a devastating punch. 

Watch – Black Desert Mobile Yacha Combat Showcase Trailer

To celebrate the launch of this new class, the “Yacha’s Daily Training” event will take place until May 30. Adventurers can complete daily missions to obtain various rewards including Fortune Scrolls, an Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest, and an Accessory/Exchange Certificate Selection Pouch.  

Additionally, bonus rewards such as 1000 Black Pearls, a Chaos Jewel, and a Primal Accessory Selection Chest can be obtained according to the accumulated number of missions completed.  

Black Desert Mobile has also recently added the new “Co-op Rush” content and the new season of “Path of Glory”.

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