Multiple Silent Hill Games Rumored to be in the Works, Includes Remake and Sequel

Silent Hill rumors have suddenly been making the rounds once again, this time with more insiders backing up the claim that there are indeed multiple titles in the works.

Just last week, a series of screenshots uploaded by credible leaker DuskGolem alleged the existence of multiple games in the pipeline. While this would normally be ignored, a DMCA strike by Konami was issued, taking down the photos shortly after it was uploaded, reinforcing the theory that it could be true in the first place.

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Fast forward to today, and more insiders have started corroborating the news from various sources.

Twitter user NateTheHate2 has made it known that the team behind The Medium, Bloober Team, is actually working on a Silent Hill 2 Remake, which includes reworked puzzles, new endings, and will be a timed PlayStation console exclusive. A new mainline entry and side “stories” are also in the works, and all of this has been corroborated by industry journalist Jeff Grubb, who has had a history of putting out credible insider information as well.

Grubb continues to say that Konami was supposed to do a big reveal during E3 last year, but pulled out at the last minute.

To put further credibility, VGC’s Andy Robinson also claims that their sources have said as much about the upcoming remake that will feature reworked AI and animations as well.

VGC goes on to provide further detail about the smaller, “episodic” series, saying that Annapurna Interactive was a name that is being floated as being involved in this smaller project, but there’s no confirmation about the project actually being greenlit.

As for the mainline sequel, VGC says that it is currently being worked on by a Japanese studio.

While there’s no actual confirmation yet, the noise seems loud enough to give us an idea that something is indeed happening with Silent Hill. Whether one, all, or none of these come to fruition will depend on further announcements from the parties involved, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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