Pre-orders for Naughty Tifa Final Fantasy VII Remake Statue Costs a Cool $500

Tifa from Final Fantasy VII Remake has been making the rounds lately. She was the star “performer” early this year in an unlikely Italian Senate appearance, prompting a lot of memes to be made right after. Now, Tifa meets another trend as a new figure with a very suggestive and flexible pose is going for sale.

Pre-orders for this Tifa figure are up for grabs at and cost a whopping $544.99 (around PHP27,000) for the standard version. As the “standard” tag suggests, there is an advanced version with 3 other options (interchangeable nude body, “battle suit” nude body, and both) that goes for $644.99 (around PHP 32,000) and $728.99 (around PHP37,000) respectively.

There are no images of what the figure actually looks like with the alternate body sculpts but it would be safe to assume that there will be more “detail” in certain areas that will justify the additional dough.

The figure is set to ship out in March 2023 so if you want a piece of this twerking Tifa, you better be ready to crack open your savings.

While we won’t be directly uploading the pics on the site, we’ll be sharing this tweet from D-Piddy instead for the other angles.

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To answer a question that must be on your mind, no this figure is not officially licensed by Square Enix for obvious reasons, although they would have probably made a lot of money if they ever did put out an official copy.

This pose, as it may be familiar, was popularized by a Guilty Gear Strive character called Jack-O, whose crouch stance is quite uncomfortable but certainly eye-catching.

Are you interested in adding this “cultured” piece to your collection?

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