Filipino-made Competitive FPS Project Xandata Receives Epic MegaGrant From Epic Games

Following their successful early access launch on Steam last March 26, Secret 6 has announced that the first-ever Filipino-made competitive FPS, Project Xandata, has received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games.

Epic MegaGrants is basically a $100 million program by Epic Games that aims to support game developers, animators, creators, and others who use Unreal Engine for the many projects they are making. Acceptance into this program is definitely a huge step in the right direction for the team at Secret 6 and will only allow them to further improve and raise the bar for game development in the Philippines.

“Unreal Engine was a key part in bringing Project Xandata to life. We don’t think anything out there matches Unreal when it comes to building first-person shooters,” said Gene Gacho, creator of Project Xandata and Technical Director at Secret 6.

Watch – Project Xandata Early Access Trailer

The company celebrated its Early Access release with a rocking launch party that featured various giveaways and a whole lot of fast-paced gameplay from local content creators.

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