Star Wars Episode I: Racer zooms to the PS4 and Switch on May 12

The Nintendo 64 classic is racing its way back into our hearts and our wallets as Star Wars Episode I: Racer is scheduled to be released for the PS4 and Switch on May 12.

In an announcement on the PlayStation Blog, developers Aspyr have assured fans of the classic game that this release would “capture the feeling of the original,” and that it will “bring the definitive experience to life, combining the best elements of all versions of the game into an experience that was worth the 20-year wait.”

Naturally, the release will have visual enhancements across the board, capturing the Star Wars terrain to great effect. Controls have been remapped to take not only take advantage of the current generation but to also recreate the feeling of Podracing with intuitive and natural controls.

Producer James Vicari had this to say in an interview with about the upcoming port for Episode I: Racer:

I think Racer, like Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast before it, has two crucial qualities: it’s a great game and it has emotional resonance. Those are very important to us. We really believe in reuniting fans with something they cherished, or connecting a new audience with something they may have missed.   

You can check out a clip of the PC re-release from 2018 courtesy of IGN.

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