Bend Studio Working on a new IP With Multiplayer and Open-World Systems

Bend Studio, responsible for the 2019 action-adventure game Days Gone, has unveiled a new logo for the company that “represents an abstract and modern interpretation of the studio’s history, location, and lifestyle.”

This “rebranding” of sorts has seen the company look back at its 29 years of experience, seeing titles like Syphon Filter and Resistance as part of their storied history. As they look towards the future, the studio is working on a new IP that will bring players a whole new world that will be revealed when the time is right.

bend studio new company logo

New Game From Bend Studio

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, Bend Studio quickly talks about its future as part of the PlayStation Studios family and what the team has been busy with. The details of the new project are still very scarce at this point, but we know that the team is working on a new IP with multiplayer and open-world elements that build from Days Gone.

The new Bend Studio logo is just the beginning of Bend Studio’s future. As part of the PlayStation Studios family, we promise to continue bringing you quality experiences that aim to leave an everlasting impact with you. Today, we are excited to share just a snippet of news on our current project. We are currently working on a new IP that includes multiplayer and builds upon the open-world systems of Days Gone, but brings you a whole new world that we are extremely excited to craft for you. We cannot wait to reveal it to you when the time is right.

Days Gone saw a pretty rocky reception after it launched as it was riddled with small bugs and issues that made it a title that didn’t quite meet PlayStation first-party standards. The game saw a resurgence of interest over the years when the issues were fixed and when the game ran well on the PS5, along with a successful PC launch that made players discuss and look back at the game even more.


It’s been reported before that the studio will be working on a new IP, and now we have more information on what we can expect from Bend Studio in the future.

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