God Of War Ragnarok News Possibly Incoming Next Week

God of War Ragnarok news might be coming soon if another insider post is to be believed.

The Snitch, an insider with a perfect batting average so far, has posted a cryptic message with a Kratos GIF file playing along with numbers being flashed at the bottom of the screen. The numbers basically spell out “11110” and while it might not make sense as is, many are speculating that 11110 is the binary equivalent of 30, possibly alluding to June 30 as a date that news about Kratos, or God of War Ragnarok, might be coming.

It turns out that Thursday is also the usual day that Sony usually puts out a State of Play broadcast, similar to the State of Play earlier this month, so this could all possibly line up.


One of the most prominent figures on Twitter right now, The Snitch has been spitting out truth bombs and has never missed with his leaks. The account correctly revealed the Persona Series masterpiece reveal along with the Crisis Core Reunion reveal, even The Last of Us Part I, so anything this account says can almost be considered as correct.

Then again, it would be best to wait for an official announcement by Sony, but fans are excited at the prospect of a possible release date reveal to come next week. Will The Snitch continue his perfect streak or will this be his first miss?

Watch – God Of War Ragnarok Reveal Trailer

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