Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controllers Supported by iOS 16

Apple has announced a lot of updates during WWDC 2022, and in between the Macbook Pro and Air updates, iOS 16 actually has a Nintendo Switch-related feature that will allow native support for Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers.

Nintendo Switch Oled Joy-Con
nintendo switch oled joycon 2

As spotted by Riles (via Nintendo Everything), who is a developer that worked on the emulator Delta, support for the Nintendo peripherals is pretty impressive, allowing for single joy-con support, and even splitting (or combining) Joy-Cons when needed by simply pressing and holding down the screenshot and home buttons for a few seconds.

Pro controllers are also supported, making for a wider selection of peripherals for iOS users that game heavily on their devices.

While this doesn’t mean that Nintendo Switch games will suddenly start making their way to your iPhones, what it does mean is that you can now use your peripherals to play games on your device. For games like Diablo Immortal, which play great using a controller, it would be an additional option next to the DualSense and Xbox Controllers.

iOS 16 is set to go live later this year in September 2022.

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