Ragnarok X: Next Generation Celebrates its First Anniversary With Pop-up Carnival 2022

Ragnarok X: Next Generation, the MMORPG beloved by many, is celebrating its first anniversary in Southeast Asia in a big way! From June 18 until July 2, the ROX Pop-up Carnival 2022 will be making its way to the three countries in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, to bring the celebration direct to the fans that have supported the game since it was released last year.

Over the weekend, we decided to drop by Almusal Cafe over at The Pop Up in Katipunan, Quezon City, to see what the fuss was about. Needless to say, players and fans of Ragnarok X: Next Generation will surely want to drop by and experience the various activities prepared.

ragnarok x next generation anniversary event

Good Food and Good Music

Immediately, we were greeted with various Ragnarok X: Next Genaration merchandise, standees, and a cozy cafe filled with banners and decorations that really set the vibe for the whole event.

An adventurer has to eat, and Almusal Cafe has a special menu just for the event that will make even the hungriest Rune Knight drool. There are 3 set meals to choose from, but aside from the meals, players can enjoy exclusive postcards and sticker sheet freebies as a reward for conquering their hunger.


We had our fill of the Sausage Egg N’ Cheese set, which didn’t last long thanks to a mischievous Poring hanging around. The food was surprisingly filling, and we didn’t mind getting seconds just for more postcards and stickers.

After stepping out, we heard a familiar theme that brought us back to our Novice days. The music playing in the background was certainly nostalgic, and the area was littered with cosplayers that really added to the mood.

Many Things to see and do!

A Ragnarok X: Next Generation Pop-up Carnival won’t be a carnival without activities, and the event had a number of things to do for visitors.

ragnarok x pop-up carnival event 14

A photo area was available for players to capture the moment, getting in pictures with the lovely cosplayers that made the area feel like a real-life Prontera. Snaps were highly encouraged as this gave fans a chance to play the gashapon for a shot at genuine ROX merchandise just by sharing the photo on their Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #ROX1stanniversary and tagging @RagnarokXNextGeneration.

Anniversary merchandise such as Poring Stickers was also up for grabs for fans that took the time to participate in the coloring card and OX quiz activities in the venue. The organizers were practically giving the merchandise away to the players as a sign of gratitude for taking part in the event!

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Attack on Titan Crossover Event

Early birds also got the chance to play the Attack on Titan Crossover Event which featured the War of Freedom game mode, accessible in the game from 12 PM -130 PM.

In this limited-time event, players who have reached level 20 will be able to join either the Survey Corps or the Titans and battle it out with the weapons and abilities available to them to receive event-exclusive rewards. Participants can take on the role of the prodigious Captain Levi and take on his appearance with exclusive gear, or even summon the Cart and Colossal Titan into battle.

ragnarok x attack on titan event

A Real-life Prontera With Good Company

Fans of Ragnarok X: Next Generation were not only treated to a great time at the event, but they also got to spend time with fellow players and guildmates as well.

Guild Geno from Heimdal Server – Demon’s Castle, led by GM Klandestine, is an 85-member strong guild that features members from Indonesia and the Philippines. The guild didn’t pass up on the chance to attend ROX Pop-up Carnival 2022 because they’ve been playing the game since day 1 and this event was a rare chance to get to see other friends and members outside of the game.

ragnarok x pop-up carnival event 11

The event was not just a guild affair, but a family affair as well, where parents brought their kids to enjoy the various activities and win premium Ragnarok X: Next Generation merchandise.

The Ragnarok X: Next Generation Pop-up Carnival 2022 is ongoing from 9 AM – 7 PM at the Almusal Cafe, located at The Pop Up in Katipunan, Quezon City, until July 2.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is now available from the iOS App Store or from the Google Play Store.

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