Warzone Mobile Cross-progression is the ‘Best Decision We’ve Made’ Says Producer

During a recent Q&A session during the Warzone Mobile launch in Shibuya, Activision Executive Producer Tom Hess spoke about various facets of the game and its challenging development. Hess also shed light on the team’s decision to enable cross-platform level progression in Warzone Mobile.

According to Hess, this move was nothing short of brilliant.

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Warzone Mobile and The Power of Shared Technology

Hess emphasized how leveraging the shared Call of Duty technology allowed them to tap into a treasure trove of existing content from the PC and console versions.

“This is the best decision we’ve made. Leveraging the shared Call of Duty tech gave us access to all this amazing content that existed in the PC and console game while allowing us to tune the gameplay to match the multiplayer styles and touchscreen. It’s the best of both worlds. You can now access Call of Duty Warzone from anywhere. When you play on any platform, your time is rewarded.”

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Recognizing the modern-day challenge of distractions across various platforms, the team prioritized rewarding players for their invested time. Cross-progression ensures that, whether you’re on the move or playing on other devices, there’s no fear of missing out.

Warzone Mobile Players Join the Global Experience

Hess also emphasized that mobile players are integral to the global Call of Duty community. Warzone Mobile serves as an accessible gateway, so consistency across platforms is paramount, ensuring that mobile players have the same avenues for progression.

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“Mobile players are now part of the global Call of Duty experience, so it’s very important to us that the mobile game is a way for anyone to play anytime, anywhere. That means their progress needs to be consistent across all platforms, but we need to make sure that mobile players have all the same avenues to progress as well.”

“That is why we’re offering players many ways to play, such as traditional Battle Royale, Mobile Royale, which is a shorter, fast-paced mode specifically for mobile players, and Multiplayer with four-game modes at launch. Warzone Mobile is truly part of the Call of Duty experience.”

Call of DutyWarzone Mobile is now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

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