Warzone Mobile Executive Producer Reveals Challenges and Promising Outlook for the Game

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is finally available worldwide since it was first announced back in 2022, and despite an experienced team backing up the project, development for it was still riddled with challenges, especially considering how the transition to a smaller screen would happen.

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Warzone Mobile: Bringing AAA Action to Your Fingertips

At the Warzone Mobile launch event in Shibuya, executive producer Tom Hess addressed burning questions from the media. He dove into the challenges of translating the beloved AAA experience of Call of Duty to the mobile platform.

Hess acknowledged that, while the game was inherently fun, nailing the input mechanics was an endeavor within the shared Call of Duty ecosystem. Capturing the fast-paced fluidity that PC and console players cherished was key to success.

“We knew that the game was fun, but getting it right in input is new to the shared Call of Duty tech, which is important. We had to get the fast-paced fluid feel that players on PC and console love,” shared Hess.

“You purchased from the angle that every player’s control setup is as unique as their weapon loadout. Just as important for success, we’ve given the players a ton of options to customize and change their controls. We now have, what we feel, is the smoothest, best-in-class experience in the market,” adds Hess.

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Controls have always been a cornerstone of the Call of Duty franchise. With mobile gaming on the rise, precise controls were non-negotiable for Warzone Mobile. Notably, controller support is available alongside the highly customizable interface, ensuring players have the freedom to play their way.

Warzone Mobile and its Positive Outlook for the Future

Despite the challenges, Warzone Mobile’s future looks promising. Pre-registrations have already surpassed 50 million, and Activision Blizzard is poised for success. But this is just the beginning. The team has an action-packed roadmap, promising fresh gameplay, events, and content each week. Mobile players won’t miss out because not only can they access shared content, but they can also enjoy exclusive content.

The launch of Warzone Mobile is just the beginning. We’ve had an action-packed live road map planned for the game. Every week we have new gameplay, events, and content for players to engage in,” says Hess. “Not only will mobile players have access to all the shared content, but they will be getting Warzone mobile original content as well.”

“I’m truly excited for players to experience the game’s growth and evolution over time. It’s gonna be a fun and wild ride, so jump in!”

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How Player Feedback has Shaped the Launch of the Game

Hess also emphasized how their beta tests proved to be invaluable, with players providing much-needed feedback that really shaped how the game was released worldwide. Adjustments to touch controls, visual fidelity, and customization options have been addressed, making for a polished experience.

“Feedback from players in limited release has been all over the map, but have ultimately made all elements of the game better, refinements to everything from performance and polished to gameplay, touch controls, menus, and more,” shared Hess. “From rendering at a significantly higher fidelity to reducing the install footprint, to refining the customization options, to the integration of an authentic multiplayer experience featuring maps like Shipment and Shoothouse to complement Battle Royale, and not to mention the thousands of bugs we fixed.”

“Feedback from limited release players has been invaluable.”

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Hess also briefly teases the return of a well-known gameplay mode from Warzone – Plunder.

“Ohh plunder? That sounds like a good idea.”

Call of DutyWarzone Mobile is now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

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