Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Places Cross-progression at the Forefront of the Experience

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is now finally available worldwide, and with it, the hype of being able to jump into the best-in-class on-the-go experience that Call of Duty can provide.

During the launch event in Shibuya, Tom Hess, Executive Producer at Activision, spilled the beans on some of the finer details of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile as the game went live earlier this week, putting a premium on cross-progression and how it will ensure more players dive into the game.

Check out the full Q&A below!

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What are the most challenging aspects of bringing a AAA gaming experience to the mobile platform?

We knew that the game was fun, but getting it right in input is new to the shared Call of Duty tech, which is important. We had to get the fast-paced fluid feel that players on PC and console love. You purchased from the angle that every player’s control setup is as unique as their weapon loadout. Just as important for success, we’ve given the players a ton of options to customize and change their controls. We now have, what we feel, is the smoothest, best-in-class experience in the market.

What was a key pillar of the original game that you had to bring over to warzone mobile at all costs?

Relentlessly Warzone. It’s the top pillar used since day one to develop this game. What relentlessly Warzone means to us is that the game needs to feel and play like Warzone. You need to have Warzone maps, vehicles, contracts, and gameplay. The weapons need to feel different and allow players to experiment with weapon loadouts. If you were familiar with Warzone, you could just pick up a phone and start. If you’re new to Warzone, you get to experience the same high-quality, action-packed experience that console and PC players have been enjoying for the past four years.

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What is the development team’s perspective on enabling cross-platform level progression sharing between console/pc and mobile?

This is the best decision we’ve made. Leveraging the shared Call of Duty tech gave us access to all this amazing content that existed in the PC and console game while allowing us to tune the gameplay to match the multiplayer styles and touchscreen. It’s the best of both worlds. You can now access Call of Duty Warzone from anywhere. When you play on any platform, your time is rewarded.

Are there plans for other Call of Duty: Warzone maps, such as Al Mazrah and Caldera for Mobile?

One of the benefits of being on the shared Call of Duty technology is access to content pipelines and gameplay systems across the franchise. This makes it possible to evolve the game on different maps and allows us to share other content innovations in the future. You’re just gonna have to jump into the war zone to see all the new maps and modes we have in store for players.

How does the future of Warzone Mobile look, and will plunder mode make a return?

The launch of Warzone model is just the beginning. We’ve had an action-packed live road map planned for the game. Every week we have new gameplay, events, and content for players to engage in. Not only will mobile players have access to all the shared content, but they will be getting Warzone mobile original content as well. I’m truly excited for players to experience the game’s growth and evolution over time. It’s gonna be a fun and wild ride, so jump in!

Ohh plunder? That sounds like a good idea.

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Will users progress at the same pace if they played either Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile?

Mobile players are now part of the global Call of Duty experience, so it’s very important to us that the mobile game is a way for anyone to play anytime, anywhere. That means their progress needs to be consistent across all platforms, but we need to make sure that mobile players have all the same avenues to progress as well. That is why we’re offering players many ways to play, such as traditional Battle Royale., Mobile Royale, which is a shorter, fast-paced mode specifically for mobile players, and Multiplayer with four-game modes at launch. Warzone Mobile is truly part of the Call of Duty experience.

From the limited testing conducted so far, what are some common issues or suggestions you often headr, and how have they been addressed when the game was officially launched?

Feedback from players in limited release has been all over the map, but have ultimately made all elements of the game better, refinements to everything from performance and polished to gameplay, touch controls, menus, and more. From rendering at a significantly higher fidelity to reducing the install footprint, to refining the customization options, to the integration of an authentic multiplayer experience featuring maps like Shipment and Shoothouse to complement Battle Royale, and not to mention the thousands of bugs we fixed. Feedback from limited release players has been invaluable.

What was the initial goal of making Warzone Mobile as a stand-alone title and not make it part of Call of Duty?

The goal was to connect players across the Call of Duty franchise in new ways such as shared progression and social features, both only possible by leveraging shared technology across the franchise. Additionally, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is focused primarily on Battle Royale. It features a higher player count, and Warzone’s unique rule sets and mechanics, including the contracts, the economy, kill streaks, and the gulag. And of course, it features both Verdansk and Rebirth Island, two of the most battle-hardened beloved maps in the Battle Royale genre.

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With mobile phones having very little space for UI, what is the thought process behind adding slide canceling without clogging up the controls?

The main goal is that we want to give players the full Call of Duty experience, and on mobile, we’re giving the players a ton of options and settings to customize their controls and the buttons that show up on the screen. Players can decide for themselves how they want to play and the size and location of any element. on screen.

How are the protection measures for the game’s anti-cheat program?

We don’t want to speak for the Ricochet Anticheat Team on the specifics for their plans for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. However, we’re excited to have their expertise to help protect the game and maintain competitive integrity.

Which content will be supported or purchasable from which game installment from the Modern Warfare series, and will there be content from other installments in the future?

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile includes shared progression across Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Warzone, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 as one of its key features. We intend to make all operators, weapons, blueprints, cosmetic equipment accessible, as well as integrating player level, battle Pass access, and weapon progression among these games.

We do this partially through an in-game feature we call the Arsenal store, which allows players to purchase items, weapons, and equipment from Modern Warfare 2 or Modern Warfare 3 that they wouldn’t normally be able to earn due to how it’s unlocked through features or events. Players can unlock Arsenal points to use in the Arsenal store by regularly playing the game with any public modes or playlist.

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Which features did the development team feel are the coolest, and want players to experience in Warzone Mobile?

There’s nothing like jumping into a battle Royale game with 120 other real players. You have to try it! But we have so many other great features as well. Gunsmith is filled with different attachments to let you tune a weapon to your playstyle. Mobile Royales are really fun addition, allowing for faster, more intense matches. We also have a ton of new automation such as Autofire, and auto crouch that make the game more accessible. Of course, pulling off an execution and the game is always a high.

Considering the graphical and performance demands of Warzone Mobile, how did you approach developing the game for mobile devices?

The key goals at the beginning of Warzone Mobile’s development have been to ensure it looks and plays amazingly in a wide variety of mobile devices. One of the key benefits of sharing tech with Call of Duty on PC and console is that we can scale high fidelity content and bring it to mobile with various levels to fit the variety of devices each player is gaming on. On top of that, the addition to fully customizable controls, players on every device have the option to pick what they prioritize visually or functionally for their gameplay experience. Whether that be graphic quality, frame rate, shader preloading, or variable rate sharing, or any combination thereof.

Call of DutyWarzone Mobile is now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

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