Black Desert SEA Welcomes the Awakened Drakania Class

Pearl Abyss has announced that Black Desert SEA will finally be getting the new Drakania Awakening class, which will give Adventurers a whole new gameplay experience.  

Awakened Drakania can move swiftly through the battlefield, while her melee-combat style allows her to relentlessly strike enemies with her exclusive awakened weapon, the Trion, a combination of two spears that boast wind and fire properties.

The new class will also be able to switch between “Hexeblood” and “Dragonblood” forms, with each offering its own attack modifiers. Hexeblood form is focused on fast movement and precise attacks, while Dragonblood allows her to attack more heavily.  

Her primary skills include: 

  • Aerial Burst: Unleash the might of Dragons upon nearby enemies, then drive the Trion into their hearts.   
  • Doombringer: Channel the winds into the Trion’s left spear, ascend, then come crashing down to the ground.   
  • Tectonic Slam (Hexeblood): Combine both spears to channel the winds then charge toward the enemy.   
  • Tectonic Slam (Dragonblood): Combine both spears, then unleash the winds to push the enemy back.   
  • Sundering Roar (Hexeblood): Channel the winds into the Trion’s left spear, then unleash them. Set the Trion’s right spear aflame to leave a burning claw mark upon the ground.   
  • Sundering Roar (Dragonblood): Channel the winds into the Trion’s left spear, then call upon the might of Dragons to unleash an earth-shattering roar. The lingering destructive Dragon breath decimates all enemies in its path.  
awakened drakania class black desert

Black Desert SEA will also feature a new Season: Dawn of Dragons, which allows Adventurers to acquire and equip any class created in this server with Tuvala gear, which will level up their characters faster.   

Moreover, all new Adventurers who reach level 50 before August 17 can claim a permanent game pass for Black Desert SEA. Additionally, those who complete the Succession or Awakening quest in Black Desert SEA will be entered into a draw to win a Conqueror Edition package.

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