Skull And Bones Season 2 ‘Chorus Of Havoc’ Now Available

In a nutshell

  • Season 2 of Ubisoft’s pirate action RPG is now available worldwide
  • The new season brings the maniacal Hubac Twins as the ultimate challenge for players
  • The season will also bring new time-limited events to Skull and Bones, such as high-speed races with the Dragon’s Regatta Boat race event

Ubisoft has announced that Skull and Bones Season 2 is now available for free worldwide.

skull and bones hubac twins

Entitled “Chorus of Havoc,” players will face the maniacal Hubac Twins – the Compagnie Royale’s enforces who rampage through the seas. All players will be able to face the Twin’s Chorus Fleet as the first Free Week will land on May 30 until June 6 and include carry-over and cross play & cross progression.

Here’s an overview of what to expect for Skull and Bones Season 2:

  • Players will face not one, but two Sea lords this season, as the Hubac Twins come for blood and chaos. Armand and Bertrand Hubac are dispatched as mad enforcers of the Compagnie Royale, destined to clash with the pirates of the Helm in order to regain their freedom.
  • New awaited gameplay features like the Fleet Management and Ships upgrades alongside new PvE content (Defense) and Solo content (Buy Out).
  • New World Events: The Compagnie Royale’s campaign to eliminate pirates and cripple the Helm in the Indian Ocean is underway, and players will experience new World Events, with exclusive Merchant convoys and the Soleil Royale Elite Warship.
  • Time-Limited Events: The rise of Helm casualties will also draw the attention of a bloodthirsty sea monster: Lestari, the Megalodon. On a lighter note, players will enjoy speed races with the Dragon’s Regatta Boat race event and join the refreshing Summer Fiesta.
  • Seasonal Smuggler Pass: As for each new season, players can complete weekly challenges to reap rewards and progress across 3 paths simultaneously on the new Smuggler Pass.
skull and bones dragonboat

Are you looking forward to this new season of Skull and Bones?

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