Hiei From Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho Live-action Adaptation Revealed

Netflix has revealed the actor who will be playing Hiei in the Yu Yu Hakusho live-action adaptation and he is Kanata Hongo.

The exclusive reveal comes by way of IGN, and shows the actor with Hiei’s trademark spiked hairstyle along with the bandage that covers up his Jagan, his third eye that gives him extraordinary powers.

Hongo is a Japanese actor and model that has appeared in multiple roles across TV and film, with notable performances as Ryoma Echizen in The Prince of Tennis live-action adaptation as well as Armin Arlert in the Attack on Titan live-action film adaptation.

“Yu Yu Hakusho is one of Japan’s most popular manga. I believe that we will create a powerful, visually stunning series using the latest modern technology, while respecting the popular original work,” says Hongo. “I am sure that the series will exceed expectations, and I hope fans will get a chance to check it out!”

netflix yu yu hakusho live action hiei actor

Over the past few days, Netflix has announced both Yusuke and Kurama’s actors, Takumi Kitamura and Jun Shison respectively, and we’re expecting the final reveal to be that of Kuwabara.

The Yu Yu Hakusho live-action adaptation from Netflix is scheduled to be released in December 2023.

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