Oxenfree II Lost Signals announced for later this year

In a surprise one more game reveal during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Oxenfree II Lost Signals has been revealed for later this year. As a nominee for Best Game Narrative in Game Awards 2016, Oxenfree is one of my favorite games of the eighth generation and it’s definitely one of the titles I’m now looking forward to forthcoming 2021.

The story so far is a group of friends embark on a night out on a deserted island and find a cryptic signal on the beach that traps them in an irreversible time loop. As you spend the next five hours of this iteration, you will have to investigate the mysteries of the island as well as resolving past relationship issues with your companions. All to the tune of some dope synth wave.

In this sequel– Is. Leave. Possible. We’ll find out later this year.

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