Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat Event Adds new Legend, Crypto

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that the brand new event for Apex Legends Mobile, Hyperbeat, will be launching later today.

The event will signal the arrival of a new legend, Crypto, along with a brand new ranked split, new events, a new Battlepass, and updates to core systems.

apex legends mobile legend crypto

Crypto is a brilliant hacker and encryption expert who specializes in secrets. At the core of his abilities are his aerial drones, which have been redesigned for Apex Legends Mobile to follow Crypto and automatically track nearby enemies for periods of time. These drones spy on their opponents in the Apex Arena
without being seen to discover their secrets.

His ability kit includes:

  • Passive: Neurolink – Enemies and traps detected by your surveillance Drone are marked for your squad within 30 meters range.
  • Tactical: Surveillance Drone – Deploy a pilotable drone to surveil your surroundings. The drone detects enemy squads and battlefield hazards.
  • Ultimate: Drone EMP – Your Drone sets off an EMP blast that deals Shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.

Crypto also features a set of unique Legend Perks, which include:

  • Self Destruct: Destroyed drones explode after 3s, slowing and damaging enemies caught in the blast.
  • Hidden User: Become semi-transparent when controlling drones.
  • System Scan: Your drone reveals an enemy’s HP and armor after 3s of scanning.
  • Shut Down: Your Ultimate also damages HP but cannot kill an enemy.
  • Lag Bomb: Your drone can launch an EMP bomb that slows and deals damage.
  • Salvage Operation: Your drone can retrieve items.
  • Battle Adaptation: Using your Finisher adds 100 points to your EVO Shield.
  • Restart: Using your Finisher instantly repairs your drone or reduces your Ultimate cooldown by 30%.
  • Interrogator: Using your Finisher reveals the location of your target’s squad on the mini-map.
apex legends mobile hyperbeat pythas theater

The Apex Legends Mobile New Hyperbeat Event will also include some Kings Canyon updates, including a new town takeover in the Pythas Theater, where you will fight your way through Rhapsody’s POI-altering song to claim your reward!

New VIP supply bins can also be found all across Kings Canyon which will allow you to collect your VIP pass and gain access to crates containing powerful gear.

apex legends mobile hyperbeat battlepass

With the release of Hyperbeat, Apex Legends Mobile is introducing a new ranked split as well as adding in additional Ranked Rewards. With that, the game is going to be resetting your rank like at the beginning of Distortion—similar to the reset that occurred at the beginning of the previous season. Additionally, new Ranked rewards will be available to the higher ranks.

Apex Legends Mobile is now available for iOS and Android devices.

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