FromSoftware Stocks Acquired by Tencent and Sony Interactive Entertainment

Tencent and Sony have collectively acquired 30.34% of FromSoftware, according to an announcement by the parent company Kadokawa Corporation.

This new allotment of stocks will see Tencent subsidiary Sixjoy and Sony Interactive entertainment own 16.25% and 14.09% of stocks, respectively. Kadokawa Corporation will be left with 69.66%, still the largest shareholder of the studio.

elden ring

Through a press release, Kadokawa states that its fundamental strategy is to create a variety of IPs in the Publication, Video, Game, Web Service, and Education businesses. FromSoftware is currently driving the game business with such recognizable works as Sekiro and Elden Ring, and to attain further expansion and enhancement of creation capabilities, this stock allotment was necessary to gain more funds.

The funds will grant FromSoftware the capability to invest in the development of “more powerful game IP” and expand its publishing capabilities in the global market.

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It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future, and how it will affect upcoming titles of FromSoftware with regard to console exclusivity.

Could we finally see an update or even a new Bloodborne game because of this agreement?

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