Hori Split Pad Fit Announced for Nintendo Switch

Hori has announced that they are coming up with a new accessory for the Nintendo Switch – the Split Pad Fit.

As spotted on Resetera, the Split Pad Pro is one of the more famous accessories for the Nintendo Switch due to its form factor that allows handheld play for extended periods of time. The Split Pad Fit is a trimmed-down version of the pro, which looks a bit more like regular Joy-Cons now, except for some added functionality like back buttons.

Unfortunately, this new accessory from Hori still doesn’t come with NFC and HD Rumble, so that’s still a bummer.

The Split Pad Fit is scheduled to launch in Japan next month for 5,480 Yen (around $40 or PHP2,300) and will come in 4 colors. While there is no word of a worldwide release just yet, it isn’t wrong to think that it’ll eventually reach local retailers soon after.

Will you be getting one?

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