Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Free Title Update 1 Details Reveals New Monsters and Systems

Capcom has revealed the details of the free title update that’s coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak today.

The free update, which is fairly huge, will include a host of new monsters, Anomaly investigations, new gear upgrades, and much more.

With a new update comes new monsters to slay, and players will be able to test their skills against a total of 4 new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak:

  • Silver Rathalos – covered in shimmering silver scales, the Silver Rathalos can increase its attack when in Incandescent state.
  • Gold Rathian – Similar to Silver Rathalos, and can also increase their attack power while in Incandescent State.
  • Lucent Nargacuga – clad in radiant fur, Lucent Nargacuga can hide and turn invisible and attack when hunters least expect it.
  • Seething Bazelgeuse – its explosive scales can go critical at any moment, with a “Seething” state that makes it even more dangerous and explosive.

A new locale will also be introduced, the Forlorn Area, where hunters will get to do battle with Lucent Nargacuga.

Other updates coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will also include expanded anomaly research quests, which require hunters to hunt for “Afflicted Monsters” – monsters that can enter a “Delirious” state that, if not calmed down by damage, can launch a powerful AOE attack called Anomaly Burst.

Some of the afflicted monsters include Lunagaron, Astalos, and Magma Almudron.

A new quest system called Anomaly Investigations can also be unlocked, where quest conditions are all decided at random.

Qurious Crafting will also be available in the update, allowing players to augment a stat to a rarity 10 weapon.

You can view the full Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event below:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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