‘Squirrel With a Gun’ is The Next Animal Game Taking Over the Internet After Stray

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a surge of titles that focus on animal protagonists – a mischievous feline in Stray, a dark gathering in Cult of the Lamb, and a newcomer that’s taking conversations by storm – a Squirrel with a gun.

It’s exactly what you think it is, and a clip of the game being shared on Twitter has been making the rounds to the tune of 13.6 million views as of writing, where said squirrel attempts an adorable robbery using a pistol.

The clip ends with no one dying, thank goodness, but the Squirrel does make off with the mobile device of an unfortunate human, who was using it to take a picture of the furry little fellow.

Squirrel with a Gun is actually being developed on Unreal Engine5 by Dan DeEntremont and actually has a Steam entry, suggesting that the game will certainly launch at some point. We have yet to see if the game will come to consoles.

Described as a sandbox game that “focuses on exploration and shooting combat,” Squirrel with a Gun will see the players defend themselves from encounters with Agents using various weapons.

Here are a few more screenshots:

Are you looking forward to this goofy game?

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