The Zephyrus G14 is a Continued Evolution of Style and Substance

When the Zephyrus G14 from ASUS Republic of Gamers first launched back in 2020, it turned heads due to its slim form factor that packed beefy internals powered by an AMD chip that could compete with the best devices in the 14″ segment.

The 2020 Zephyrus G14 review from our sister site Gadget Pilipinas spoke highly of the machine, calling it “subtly powerful” thanks to its understated and sleek design, handling every task and game that was thrown at it with relative ease.

Despite a few complaints about its inconsistent keyboard responsiveness and thermal performance that that could be further improved, the 14-inch wonder turned out to be an impressive feat of engineering.

Fast-forward to 2022 and the Zephyrus G14 continues to be a powerhouse in the 14-inch space, making thoughtful and meaningful improvements to where it matters the most, keeping it a favorite among on-the-go urban professionals that demand the best out of their devices.

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See more, do more

ASUS always pushes the envelope when it comes to innovation, and it’s no different with the 2022 Zephyrus G14, which starts at PHP 119,995 and is something we go to play around with for a few weeks.

Boasting its all-new ROG Nebula Display that features a QHD 2560×1600 120Hz panel and a 16:10 aspect ratio with 500 nits of brightness, we were able to see more of what we needed to do despite the same footprint as last year’s model. From an 85% screen to body ratio to a much improved 91%, the result is a seamless design that offers an upgrade in both form and function.

Even at its lowest configuration (GA402RJ), which features an FHD 1920×1200 144Hz panel with 400 nits of brightness, the 2022 display is still more impressive than last year overall, emphasizing the drive to always stay ahead of the curve.

Both configurations also feature AMD FreeSync Premium along with Dolby Vision support, ensuring that everything shown on screen is richer and more vivid, perfect for gaming or even just watching your favorite Netflix show.

zephyrus g14 2022 2

The 2022 Zephyrus G14 returns to an all-AMD setup compared to the RTX 3060 pairing from last year, and with it, a better overall synergy between components that allow its Total Graphics Performance (or TGP) to hit a maximum of 105w thanks to AMD’s SmartShift Max technology. That’s a 25w difference from the 2021 model, which can put out up to 80w with Dynamic Boost, translating to a whopping 40% average increase in performance based on benchmarks and frame rates.

Its lowest configuration (GA402RJ), which offers a TGP of 100w, still sees the Zephyrus G14 improve over its predecessor by anywhere from 18-30% in performance based on benchmarks and frame rates, making its value undeniable when you consider only a $50 premium of the SRP compared to last year.

Cool cat

Because of its highly-capable components, a common cause of concern for the Zephyrus G14 is its operating temperature, which was a complaint from the 2020 release. While the 2021 release offered some form of improvement, it is only in this latest model that we see a huge paradigm shift.

The Zephyrus G14 now features liquid metal cooling not only on the processor but on the GPU as well, allowing the device to run at the higher aforementioned TGP rates while hitting lower average temperatures when compared to traditional thermal paste solutions.

zephyrus g14 2022 3

Not content with that, the traditional heatpipe design has been exchanged for a vastly superior vapor chamber cooling solution, allowing an almost 50% coverage rate across critical components from last year’s 31%. What this simply means is that the Zephyrus G14 stays cooler for a longer time, allowing users to get the most out of their machine without pushing it to dangerous limits.

This almost 180-degree shift in cooling philosophy is a great example of the brand addressing key complaints, resulting in performance leaps that cover all bases. Paired with a 180-degree ErgoLift design that allows better airflow circulation, ASUS is putting the lap back in the word laptop, minus the extreme heat.

Bang for the buck

With the critical components of the build seeing the most improvements, the Zephyrus G14 hardly skips on the little things that make up an irresistible package.

The machine speaks to creative minds and professionals, and the 2022 model sees a couple of relatively small upgrades that give big returns.

Instead of simply just bundling an external webcam, which defeats the purpose of portability with ease, the Zephyrus G14 now sports an IR camera with Windows Hello support, offering users a built-in solution for meetings and pandemic-related circumstances.

The touchpad also sees a highly requested upgrade, now 50% bigger than last year, which can accommodate even the most actions thanks to its improved accuracy and comfort.

zephyrus g14 2022 4

While these might seem like small upgrades in the grand scheme of things, this is ASUS at their best – listening to consumers and giving them what they want and more.

Pricey, but now worth every penny

It would be a disservice to overlook the price tag of the 2022 Zephyrus G14 despite all of its improvements over the past few years since it first disrupted the 14″ segment. Locally, the most-decked out SKU – GA402RJK – is worth an arm and a leg, so this is definitely a big talking point that consumers will want to consider.

While it’s never a fair comparison to place desktops and laptops side-by-side, consumers know that portability and power will always come at a premium, but one thing the 2022 Zephyrus G14 does is make every penny worth it because of the substantial upgrades that give it a serious bump over previous models.

Speaking of being worth every penny, now is the perfect time to get the 2022 Zephyrus G14, which is a part of the ASUS Cool for School 2022 promo that’s running until August 31. Score a Nanoleaf Triangle Mini Starter Kit and an ROG Hoodie for every 2022 Zephyrus G14 purchase!

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