Elden Ring and Tales of Arise Soundtracks are now on Spotify

Bandai Namco has a treat for music-loving fans as both the Elden Ring and Tales of Arise soundtracks are now available to stream on Spotify.

The Elden Ring soundtrack spans 2 discs, with a combined 67 tracks and a nearly 3-hour playtime that’s sure to put you in the mood for more slaying (or dying, if that’s your thing). From the haunting opening theme to some classic battles against Fortissax and Malenia, relive your quest to become an Elden Lord as you listen to it on the go.

You can give it a quick listen below:

To celebrate its first anniversary, the Tales of Arise soundtrack has been made available on several streaming services like Spotify. Fans of the series will certainly want to give this a listen, but it’ll take a while since the full album has 129 songs!

Sample some of the tracks below:

You can follow the Bandai Namco Game Music channel on Spotify to keep on the lookout for more soundtracks from your favorite Bandai Namco titles.

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