ESGS 2022 Welcomes Gravity Game Hub and Ragnarok Online

Gravity Game Hub has announced that Ragnarok Online will join this year’s Electronic Sports and
Gaming Summit, better known as ESGS 2022, scheduled to take place on October 28–30.

Gravity Game Hub is also expected to announce the release date of Ragnarok Arena, its upcoming monster collection and strategic RPG, along with giving players a glimpse of the game during the event.

Exhibition matches highlighting the Ragnarok Asia Masters, their newly launched regional tournament, will also be shown on day 2 of the event. Gravity Game Hub is also preparing new top-up promotions, fun activities, and merchandise for the players as they drop by the booth.

ragnarok asia masters 2022 banner

Here are some of the in-game rewards that players can get during ESGS 2022:

  • 3x Battle Manual
  • 3x Job Manual
  • 10x LV10 Blessing Scroll
  • 10x LV10 Agi Scroll
  • 5x Mystic Powder
  • 5x Tyr’s Blessing
gravity game hub ragnarok online esgs 2022

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