Black Desert SEA Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Exciting Events

Pearl Abyss has announced that Black Desert SEA will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with an array of events that will reward players with various items and prizes.

Starting today, the “Chocolate Thief Goblin” will occasionally appear throughout monster zones and brave adventurers will need to hunt them to retrieve the stolen “Chocolate Baskets” and “Fresh Milk,” which can be opened to acquire various items, including Cron Stones, an Item Collection Increase Scroll, and a Blessed Message Scroll. 

black desert sea valentine's celebration

Adventurers can also share their true feelings by giving a heartfelt gift of “Chocolates Full O’ Love” to the beloved NPCs of Velia: Santo Manzi, Crio, and Bahar. Those who reach over 1000 Amity points for the NPC will be compensated with a special reward. The Chocolates Full O’ Love can also be cooked with Fresh Milk and Cacao of Love, which can be acquired from challenges. 

A “Sweet Gift Letter” can be received from Challenges which can be sent out to a fellow Adventurer. The recipient will receive a Sweet Gift in their mail that contains a Sweet Chest, a Sweet Reply, and a Dark Chocolate. The Sweet Chest can be opened to randomly obtain a reward such as Advice of Valks or an Extra Mount EXP Scroll. By using the Sweet Reply item, Adventurers can return warm feelings to the sender. 

The official season of Node War will start on Feb 12. Node War is large-scale PvP content where hundreds of Adventurers, in the form of a guild or an alliance battle to occupy an area.  

Black Desert SEA is now available on the PC.

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