Company of Heroes 3 is Now Available

SEGA and Relic Entertainment have announced that the highly anticipated third installment in the beloved strategy franchise, Company of Heroes 3, is now available on PC via Steam.

To celebrate the biggest launch in series history, 23 brand-new tutorial videos have been revealed, partnering up with some of the greatest community members for these valuable tips.

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Longtime Company of Heroes content creator SkippyFX pours over the basics of issuing commands to your units, how to hold onto victory points for dear life, and the strategic importance of capturing airfields. CoH tournament caster StormlessUK covers the subtle art of using the right tank for the right job, how to position them for maximum armor value, and how to smash new routes for your infantry.

Meanwhile, covering more intermediate tactics, content creator Elpern explains how CoH3’s Veterancy system rewards your most persistent units, or how upgrades can turn basic units into specialized threats, like the flamethrower-wielding Royal Engineer.

Last but not least, content creator Tightrope shows players how to counter every possible threat at a strategic or tactical level, including defensive anti-tank units and deadly eagle-eyed snipers.

Check out all these tutorials now to help get you started on your journey across the Italian Dynamic Campaign, the North African Operation, or your next multiplayer match in Company of Heroes 3.

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